Entergy's focus on poverty is rooted in the economic reality of the communities we serve, which include some of highest poverty regions in the country. Approximately 25 percent of Entergy's 3 million residential customers live below the poverty line.

Entergy believes it has a moral obligation and a business imperative to help find lasting solutions for our customers in need. Over the past decade Entergy Corporation has invested more than $55 million in programs to fight poverty. The Low-Income Customer Assistance Initiative provides resources to Entergy's customers and nonprofit and government agency partners to help lift low-income families out of poverty.

Entergy CEO Emphasizes Community's Role In Solving Social Problems.

Speaking in May 2013 at the second annual Positioned for Progress conference in Mississippi, Entergy Corporation's Chief Executive Officer Leo Denault highlighted the reasons Entergy is committed to its low-income customer assistance program:

  • As a way to reinvest in local communities.
  • To enhance the quality of life in those areas that are largely responsible for the corporation's success.
  • To work to ultimately end poverty in the region.

"So much of what separates those living in abundance from those living in need is simply opportunity," said Denault.

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